Mr Paul Andrzejowski

Paul Andrzejowski Head Shot
BMBS, BMedsci (Hons), MRCS (Edinburgh)

Web Officer Lead, Advisor to Comms team

One of the reasons I became a doctor was to work one day in Trauma. It’s what I get up for in the morning and I always look forward to another day at the coal face! I got my first taste of Major Trauma as a student in Nottingham and FY in the East Midlands, thence to Yorkshire for Core and Higher Specialty Registrar training in Trauma and Orthopaedics on the HEYH Deanery rotation. I’ve been fortunate to learn my trade from some excellent trainers around the region in acute and elective surgery, with Major Trauma experience at the MTC in Leeds – where I am the Principal Investigator of the FIT Study as part of my MD research project supervised by CI Prof Peter Giannoudis, looking into Functional outcomes In ‘Major’ Trauma – which should help to deepen our insight into what’s most important for patient recovery following serious injury. It was an honour to deliver the initial results of this and my review paper on the subject as a Keynote Speech at the 2023 ASM. Other academic output includes notably an update on the ‘Diamond Concept’ of bone healing, and specialist management of non-union in fracture healing, amongst other papers, presentations and book chapters. Working to organise and publicise BTS national meetings and events, from web and email design to handling abstract submission, grading and invitations, to the ASM itself and much more for the past few years has been both enthralling and rewarding in equal measure which I have learnt a lot from and very much enjoyed, especially alongside such a fantastic team! It is an exciting privilege to help expand BTS and bring in people from all clinical backgrounds as part of increasing our reach with the new website and the comms team as well. If anyone has any suggestions or would like to get involved I’d be very glad to hear more!
Specialist Registrar in Trauma and Orthopaedics

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