Mr Paul Andrzejowski

BMBS, BMedsci (Hons),MRCS

Web Officer

One of the reasons I became a doctor was to work one day in Trauma. It’s what I get up for in the morning and I always look forward to another day at the coal face! I got my first taste of Major Trauma as a student in Nottingham, and completed my Core Surgical Training in Yorkshire, with T&O experience at Bradford and the Major Trauma Centre in Leeds, where I am now an SpR on the Yorkshire and Humber North Rotation, and leading the FIT Study, looking into Functional Outcomes after Major Trauma – which should help to deepen our insight into what’s most important for patient recovery following injury . It is an exciting privilege to help expand BTS and bring in people from all clinical backgrounds as part of increasing our reach with the new website… If anyone has any suggestions or would like to get involved I’d be very glad to hear more!
Specialist Registrar in T&O

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