Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 “Innovation in Trauma” – Face to Face


Annual Scientific Meeting 2022 “Innovation in Trauma” – Face to Face

This year promises to be another exciting conference, on the theme of ‘Innovation in Trauma’ with a stellar line-up of keynote speakers already confirmed – see below.

There will also be an action packed pre-conference workshop focusing on the delivery of life-saving and limb saving techniques, equipment and surgery. The workshop instructors are experienced trauma clinicians, regularly involved in acute polytrauma management using the latest knowledge in the field:

Morning session: Code RED cases: When, What, Who and How

Afternoon session: Three breakout rooms: pre-hospital, emergency room and theatres, for you to deliver what your patient needs, REBOA, Massive haemorrhage rapid transfusion, ED Thoracoctomy, Ex-FIX, Pelvic packing and more…..


President’s Address

Dear Colleagues

It is sunny and warm outside yet, here I am writing this. Why, because I am really excited to invite you to the annual scientific meeting of the British Trauma Society 2022 as we are back on track to face-face meeting after two years of Covid with cancellation one year and a virtual meeting last year.

I also wanted to refresh a few essential points.

We are a multidisciplinary society with the aim of bringing together all the disciplines in the care of the injured patient from “road-side to recovery”. From pre-hospital care to accident and emergency, neurosurgery, orthopaedic trauma, thoracic trauma, general surgery, vascular surgery, plastic surgery, urological surgery to rehabilitation.

The framework for the two days of the annual scientific meeting consists of oral presentations from you, keynote talks from invited “world-class” guest faculty, poster presentations, trade presentations, an annual general meeting of the society but above all this an exciting time meeting lots of like-minded people and net-working.

So what are you waiting for? Come to the meeting and present your work provided it is trauma related as I have indicated above. We are a friendly society and appreciate all the hard work you do in preparing and presenting your work. Chairing of the sessions is by BTS committee and the guest faculty so you get a good feedback.

Whether you are a consultant, a trainee, a staff member, a medical student, or a member of allied health professionals, you are all welcome to attend the meeting and to present your work. Hurry, as time is short (closing date 31st July 2022) as we wish to give you sufficient time to sort out your work schedule.

To enhance our meeting every year we have a theme and this year it is “Innovation in trauma”. The latest, the best that there is in managing trauma and saving lives and presented by the guest faculty. These include Nelson Olim (WHO head of simulation and the MCM programme), Herald Veen (WHO MCM Europe) WHO academy, creating global mass casualty programme, Professor Ian Pallister-high fidelity simulation, Major Max Marsden on artificial intelligence in trauma, Mark Wilson, neurosurgeon on the current status of cervical collars, Martin Griffiths on violence reduction lead NHS England and Steve Bush on beyond ATLS, future views.

There is something for everyone. There are generous prizes for oral and poster presentations, including a prize for the best medical student presentation. There is also a prize for the best candidate interaction with trade.

Mark my words. You will have an unique experience. I look forward to seeing you there!


Ansar Mahmood

President of British Trauma Society 30th June 2022

Any problems contact me at





We are also thrilled to invite any members of trade who would be interested in sponsoring the event, and given a perfect opportunity to network with an engaged group of multispecialty surgical and medical doctors, and attach the TRADE BROCHURE at the bottom of this page for you to download.


BTS 2022 TRADE BROCHURE – Sponsors Pack


Oxford Jury’s Inn
Jury’s Inn, Godstow Rd


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